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Should Florida pass HB 421 (Driving on the Left)?

Should Florida pass HB 1161 (Venomous Reptiles)?

Should Florida pass HB 1297 (Capital Sexual Battery)?

Should Florida pass SB 1718 (Immigration)?

Should Florida pass HB 1 (School Vouchers)?

Should Florida pass HB 197 (Breathalyzer)?

Should Florida pass SB 902 (Safety Standards for Amusement Rides)?

Should Florida pass SB 102 (Housing)?

Should Florida pass SB 106 (Florida Trail Network)?

Should Florida pass HB 7 (Abortion)?

Should Florida pass SB 450 (Death Penalty Cases)?

Should Florida pass SB 388 (Resale of Tickets)?

Should Florida pass SB 354 (Trafficking in Fentanyl)?

Should Florida pass SB 114 (Tax Exemption for Diapers and Incontinence Products)?

Should pass HB 543 (Permitless Carry)?

Should FL pass HB 9B (Disney - Reedy Creek)?

Should FL pass HB 7B (Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation and Rights)?

Should FL pass SB 6B (Transportation of Inspected Unauthorized Aliens)?

Should FL pass HB 3B (Special Prosecutor)?

Should FL pass HB 1B (Emergency Response)?

Should FL pass SB 6A (Toll Roads)?

Should FL pass SB 4A (Hurricane Relief)?

Should FL pass HB 1A (Property Insurance)?

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