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"What a step forward to bring power and democracy to disadvantaged communities."

— Elaine in Orlando, FL

A photo of a man voting on the app on his phone. An actual 2022 Florida healthcare bill is presented on the screen with the bill explanation and a bulleted list to choose from yes no or abstain. The man is touching the screen to cast his vote.
"It would be great if we could all vote on an app such as this."

— Diana in Gotha, FL

The Voatz App

Digital Democracy Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has partnered with Voatz, a Boston-based mobile voting software company.

Voting App

Voatz provides the mobile app itself. Since 2018, Voatz has been selected by several states and municipalities to run elections for military overseas voters and for voters with disabilities. As such, they always follow stringent rules for cyber security, privacy, and auditing. Voatz is trusted for its high level of security, transparency, and reliability.

App Development

In addition to standard voting capabilities, Voatz has worked with Digital Democracy Project to enhance the app, adding features specifically designed for the Digital Democracy Project. And Digital Democracy Project provides the legislative content for each ballot (“poll”) using nonpartisan information sourced directly from the legislature by Open States.

Mapping Results

The Digital Democracy Project website and reporting capabilities have been developed under the direction of our Founder/Director, Ramon Perez, an AI technology leader. We track the aggregated vote totals on each issue and in each district. We use MapBox technology to make the vote data easy to use and understand.
An image of the voting app on a person’s phone. The app shows the Digital Democracy Project name and dotted map imagery behind the name of the actual voter who has logged in to vote. We see the choices available to this voter. In this case elections.


We make sure you are the human, registered and eligible voter that you claim to be. Then, we delete your private information.
Voatz uses Blockchain technology, 2-step verification, and biometrics to protect your identity and to confirm your eligibility to vote.

No information is ever stored.
And your identity is never shared.

Not now. Not ever.
Digital Democracy Project validates registration status, which includes citizenship.

As a 501(c)(3) focused on voter access, we have been granted authority by the State of Florida to use the voter file in this manner.
Digital Democracy Project securely aggregates all votes.

No identity, party, or demographic information is reported. We simply do not track it.

We only report the aggregated vote totals.

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