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Photo of a woman voting on the app on her phone at her convenience while standing beside a street.
Vote on the same bills
as your representatives.
Get nonpartisan legislative
info and updates.

On the FREE mobile voting app.

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The Digital Democracy Project Tally page. A Florida Map with voting districts indicated in shades of purple and green showing how voters voted in each district.
See what voters want.
Each issue. Each district.
No parties or demographics.
Free to legislators, media
and the public.

Online, in real time.

Keep Score! 

Digital Democracy Project Scorecard. A chart comparing how voters and legislators voted on each bill. Thumbs up or thumbs down for yes or no. Text explains that this legislator voted the will of their constituents one in four times. Total score 25%.
Compare what voters want
to what legislators deliver.
A report on the Legislative Session.
Every legislator. Every issue.

Online, annually.

Nonpartisan. Secure. Easy.

You vote.
We keep track.
So you know the score.
A billboard with the words - This is what democracy looks like. Colorful letters. White background. And Digital Democracy Project .org website. Plus colorful connected dots from the logo map represent the nonpartisan digital connectivity of voters.

Digital Democracy Project

A voter-driven system of government for the 21st Century
"Knowing exactly what constituents want is my top priority. So I appreciate that Digital Democracy gives every voter an equal chance to weigh in on real bills. I use the tool to inform my votes in Tallahassee."

1st candidate to endorse DDP & now incumbent
Rep. Tom Keen, FL House 35

Live in Florida since 2023.
Across the U.S. starting soon.
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