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Ramon Perez

Executive Director
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An AI technology executive and military veteran, Ramon founded Voting Rights Brigade to address systemic problems in our electoral system which result in hyperpartisanship and widespread voter alienation. He believes that, to achieve better outcomes, we must use technology to give greater control directly to voters.

Georgia Brown

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In the arts, nonprofits, and corporate marketing, Georgia has written copy about everything from fax machines to a Cuban ballet corps. Nowadays, she is thoroughly thrilled! Big Hair is making a comeback just in time to celebrate the headline: “Florida Man develops electrifying tool—Digital Democracy . . . poised to democratize America!”

Sadie Holzmeyer

DDP-FL Statewide Organizer
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With a background in mental health, Sadie has served as a community organizer, environmental and social justice activist, and former coordinator for her local Sunrise Movement Hub. Sadie enjoys organizing for political campaigns, promoting renewable energy, and increasing community access to healthy foods.

Charles Horowitz

DDP-FL Legislative Coordinator
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Charles Horowitz has interned in the Florida Legislature and the White House and served on numerous campaigns. He focuses on national security, foreign affairs, civil rights and regulatory policy. With Digital Democracy Project since 2022, Charles aims to inform voters about the legislation their representatives are voting on—in a facts-first manner.

Ismael Perez

User Experience Designer
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Striving to create products which positively impact individuals and societies, Ismael has three years of UX/UI Design and seven years of digital media production experience.

Board of Directors

Vinay Orekondy

Board Chairman
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Elections lawyer, Australian Progressive Party founder; labor movement and political campaign organizer; Advocacy Strategist at FairVote; Coalitions Director and National Organizer at Rank the Vote.

“The American electoral process is, at present, severely broken. Only innovative changes can help repair it and make it representative of the people.”

J. Mark Barfield

Board Treasurer
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Former political journalist for newspapers and Libertarian Party of Florida Vice-chair; Vice-chair of the Outsider Media Foundation.

“A well-informed citizenry, given clear and unbiased information, is the most capable of making sound policy decisions beneficial to democratic society.”

Shannon O'Brien

Board Secretary
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Former State Treasurer and Receiver General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; former State Legislator. First woman nominated by a major party for Governor in Massachusetts. Current Chair, Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Business development advisor; lawyer; mobile voting advocate.

Mobile voting helps every community gain access, such as disabled voters, so that the potential good that government can do is maximized for all people.”

James "Chip" Byers

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Orlando native, Autistic, small business owner, and award-winning Disability Change Agent; Florida’s highest honor for Disability Employment Advocacy; appointed by Governor DeSantis to The Able Trust Board and Mayor Demings to the Orange County Disability Advisory Board.

“Autistic and Disabled voices should always be a part of the conversation, particularly in matters of government, and I am happy to dedicate time to ensuring that our elected officials hear all Floridians’ voices.”

Wasim Q. Malik, PhD

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Managing Partner at Iaso Ventures; Harvard Medical School faculty member; healthcare technology executive, investor and entrepreneur.

“Accelerating technological solutions should provide the most benefit to the most people. Digital Democracy will do just that.”

Juleanna Glover

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Founder/CEO of Ridgely|Walsh; global-brands’ high-stakes public affairs strategist; senior advisor to then-President-elect George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and presidential candidates Steve Forbes, Senator John Ashcroft, and Senator John McCain; founder of Ashcroft Group, LLC; policy and political writer for top-tier, international publications.

“The integrity of our political system depends on representatives’ hearing and responding to all of their constituents.”

Cyrus Hodes

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Leader in AI technologies and policies; serves on boards of startups leveraging technologies for the greater good; co-founder of AIGC Chain, leveraging blockchain tools for multi-modal generative AI development and deployment.

“Innovative technological solutions are not only key to good government, but essential to solving the Big Problems of our times.”

John Duffield

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Digital brands marketing innovator; 3x founder and global ad agency leader; web3 and metaverse outspoken advocate.

“A voter-driven system of digital democracy for the 21st Century. Now, democracy is digital. Are you ready?"

Jocelyn Bucaro

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National election expert. Current Director of Mobile Voting with Tusk Philanthropies. Ten-year Director of Elections in Denver and Butler County, Ohio. Multiple awards, including the National Association of Election Officials. Extensive government and political experience as White House and U.S. Senate aide and presidential, statewide and congressional campaigns organizer.

“Technology has made so much of our lives easier and more accessible. Our democracy should be no different. It's long past time to integrate digital tools to ensure every citizen can easily and safely participate.”

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