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Many Florida candidates endorse Digital Democracy Project!
Has YOUR representative endorsed Digital Democracy Project?
"The Digital Democracy Project is important for democracy, and the value of what you're doing is why we wanted to be part of it."

Bobby Block, Executive Director
First Amendment Foundation

A Shared Mission

When candidates endorse our civic engagement platform, they commit to letting voters' wishes inform their votes on legislation. Our DDP–Florida Chapter works with their & our volunteers to help educate voters on Digital Democracy. As part of DDP's goal to offer our civic engagement platform to all American voters, we plan to open chapters in all 50 states. Like our new Florida Chapter, each will be incorporated as a 501(c)(4) to allow us to work with candidates who believe in our mission, regardless of party.  We remain steadfastly nonpartisan.

On why they endorse Digital Democracy Project,
the candidates explain . . .

"Knowing exactly what constituents want is my top priority. So I appreciate that Digital Democracy gives every voter an equal chance to weigh in on real bills. I use the tool to inform my votes in Tallahassee."

1st candidate to endorse DDP & now incumbent
Rep. Tom Keen, FL House 35

"We need to hear from voters! It’s exciting to have this technology at our fingertips, because it’s so easy—‘civil’ engagement that can cool tempers because it allows more access and level-headed decision making all around."

Rep. Rita Harris, District 44

"I always want to know what our voters are saying. This is another great tool for finding out."

Rep. Anna Eskamani, District 42

"The platform is an incredible tool for learning how voters would like their representatives to vote on legislation. The more voters on the platform, the better. So we're spreading the word about DDP’s technology at every opportunity."

Anthony Nieves, Candidate, FL House 47

"Digital Democracy Project will help to connect members of Congress directly to their constituents, helping to ensure we have a truly representative government. I fully endorse this non-profit that wishes to make sure that Representatives are knowledgeable about the wishes of the people regarding proposed legislation. It is time that politicians are more in tune with what the people in their districts want for their government, and not the desires of their political party or other politicians. The Digital Democracy Project will ensure that the voices of the people have the power that they deserve."

Barbie Harden Hall, Candidate for Congress, FL-11

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