First Political Endorsement!

Yesterday, Florida House District 35 Democratic Candidate, Tom Keen announced his endorsement of the Digital Democracy Project.
August 27, 2023

Yesterday, Florida House District 35 Democratic Candidate, Tom Keen announced his endorsement of the Digital Democracy Project.

A first for voters: Only in Florida!

“Knowing exactly what constituents want is my top priority," Keen stated. "So, I appreciate that Digital Democracy gives every voter an equal chance to weigh in on real bills." He is “looking forward to using the tool” to inform his votes in Tallahassee.
Tom Keen is a committed progressive running to serve Orange and Osceola counties as Florida’s next State Representative from District 35. But Tom wants to hear what all voters want—not just Democrats. If elected, Tom Keen says he “plans to effectively serve and uplift our communities for all residents.”

A Critical Milestone

Candidate and legislator endorsements mean that YOUR representatives understand the value of listening to YOU. We thank Tom Keen for taking the time to check out our service. And, of course, we are eager to help Tom make Digital Democracy part of his service to voters.*

Special Election—Crunch Time: Volunteers urgently needed!

Our teams are reaching out to voters in District 35. We're telling people what it means to have a candidate endorse Digital Democracy . . . to endorse “listening to what voters want.”

You can help from anywhere!

Join us in the field. We'll visit select Orlando area neighborhoods to show highly-engaged residents how to enroll in the app.
Or help us out remotely. We'll be phoning & text banking.
Help put the power in the hands of Florida voters! Help us share Digital Democracy!

Contact us:, reply to this email, text/call 407-906-3168, or sign up with the link below:

No one knows Digital Democracy better than YOU, the voters!
Please—Volunteer today!

Ramon Perez, Executive Director

"The most powerful forces in government have always been access and information. This democratizing technology puts that power in voters’ hands—literally."

––Only in Florida––­­

You vote.

We track it.

So you know the score.

* We reached out, availing our platform to all six candidates in the District 35 Democratic and Republican primary races. The Digital Democracy Project from Voting Rights Brigade is a nonpartisan, nonprofit initiative. Our civic engagement platform is freely available to all registered voters, candidates, and legislators. Digital Democracy Project—A voter-driven system of government for the 21st Century.

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