The Scorecard is LIVE!

Floridians voted on the same ~70 bills as lawmakers during the 2023 Legislative Session! The Scorecard compares what voters WANT to what legislators DELIVER. Thanks Voters!
May 16, 2023
Scorecard legislator view

2023 Session Update

Final Edition

The Scorecard is LIVE!

Congrats to our Digital Democracy Community!

You voted on almost 70 bills in two months! Congratulations on making it through your first full legislative session! Way to go Florida voters!
And thank you! Thanks for caring enough to reimagine democracy with us. For “getting it” & taking the digital plunge! We are truly grateful.
Yes, it's easy to gush . . . about how you're pretty Floridian-credible for helping to redefine civic engagement and build a participatory democracy. For helping to create a system of government that our grandparents never dreamed possible – a voter-driven system for the 21st Century.
And the most vital element of the 2023 Legislative Session – what Our Team appreciates most – You did the critical work!
You, the Voters – downloaded & got verified on the Voatz app. You took the time to read almost 70 bill summaries! To actually evaluate and discuss the issues that define our Sunshine State. (Venomous reptiles, anyone!?) Thanks a bunch, Voters, for taking YOUR power into YOUR hands!
Thank! You! For! Voting!
Now, after a super-busy session, we can all look back. Take a stroll through The Scorecard for yourself. Check out how your representatives performed. There may even be a few surprises.
And come Election Day . . . YOU know the score!
Thanks, Friends!

Ramon Perez, Executive Director

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