Yes Voted Yes No Voted No NA Abstain or no vote

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Bill State voted Represen­tative voted Account­ability
Disney - Reedy Creek HB 9B No Yes No
Emergency Response SB 2B Yes Yes Yes
Statewide Prosecutor SB 4B No Yes No
Transportation of Inspected Unauthorized Aliens SB 6B No Yes No
Intercollegiate Athletics Compensation and Rights HB 7B Yes Yes Yes
Public Safety / Permitless Carry HB 543 No Yes No
Tax Exemption for Diapers and Incontinence Products SB 114 Yes NA NA
Trafficking in Fentanyl SB 354 Yes NA NA
Resale of Tickets SB 388 Yes NA NA
Death Penalty Cases SB 450 No Yes No
Pregnancy and Parenting Support SB 300 No Yes No
Florida Trail Network SB 106 Yes Yes Yes
Housing SB 102 No Yes No
Safety Standards for Amusement Rides SB 902 Yes Yes Yes
Breathalyzer HB 197 Yes Yes Yes
School Vouchers HB 1 No Yes No
Immigration SB 1718 No Yes No
Capital Sexual Battery HB 1297 Yes Yes Yes
Venomous Reptiles HB 1161 Yes Yes Yes
Driving on the Left HB 421 No NA NA
Middle and High School Start Times HB 733 Yes Yes Yes
Sales of Firearms and Ammunition SB 214 No Yes No
Civil Remedies HB 837 No Yes No
Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees SB 256 No Yes No
Postsecondary Educational Institutions HB 999 No NA NA
Prescription Drugs SB 1550 Yes Yes Yes
Government and Corporate Activism HB 3 No Yes No
Authorization of Restrictions Concerning Dogs SB 942 Yes Yes Yes
State Park Campsite Reservations HB 109 Yes Yes Yes
Treatments for Sex Reassignment SB 254 No Yes No
Dissolution of Marriage SB 1416 Yes Yes Yes
Interference with Sporting Events HB 319 Yes Yes Yes
Technology in K-12 Public Schools HB 379 Yes Yes Yes
Agreements of State Colleges with Foreign Entities SB 846 No Yes No
Withholding or Withdrawal of Life-prolonging Procedures HB 1119 Yes Yes Yes
Vacation Rentals SB 714 Yes Yes Yes
Operation of a Golf Cart HB 949 Yes Yes Yes
Facility Requirements Based on Sex HB 1521 No Yes No
Elections SB 7050 No Yes No
Seagrass Restoration Technology Development Initiative SB 724 Yes Yes Yes
Solicitation of Minors HB 431 Yes Yes Yes
Homeowners' Associations HB 919 Yes Yes Yes
Public Records SB 1616 No Yes No
Flags HB 437 No Yes No
Police Funerals HB 535 Yes Yes Yes
School Zones HB 657 Yes Yes Yes
Condo Safety SB 154 Yes Yes Yes
Protections of Medical Conscience SB 1580 No Yes No
Residential Tenancies HB 1417 No Yes No
Education HB 1259 No Yes No
Technology Transparency SB 262 Yes Yes Yes
Public Nuisances HB 269 Yes Yes Yes
Timeshare Valuation HB 451 Yes NA NA
Public Records/Protection from Discrimination Based on Health Care Choices SB 238 No Yes No
Year-round School Pilot Program HB 891 Yes Yes Yes
Human Trafficking SB 7064 Yes Yes Yes
Auto Dealers HB 637 No Yes No
Battery by Strangulation HB 1375 Yes Yes Yes
Teacher Training and Conduct HB 1035 Yes Yes Yes
Advertisements for Legal Services HB 1205 Yes Yes Yes
State Minimum Wage SB 892 No Yes No
Practice of Dentistry HB 503 Yes NA NA
History of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders HB 287 Yes Yes Yes
Taxation HB 7063 Yes Yes Yes
Developmental Disabilities HB 831 Yes Yes Yes
Age to Purchase Firearms HB 1543 No Yes No
Chief of Police HB 935 Yes Yes Yes
Child Restraints SB 1374 Yes NA NA
Opioid Antagonists HB 783 Yes Yes Yes
State of Israel HR 9C Yes Yes Yes
Iran Sanctions HB 5C Yes Yes Yes
Disaster Relief HB 1C Yes Yes Yes
Family Empowerment Scholarship Program HB 3C No Yes No
Security Grants HB 7C Yes Yes Yes
Employment of Minors HB 49 No Yes No
Early Voting Sites SB 780 Yes NA NA
Protection of Medical Freedom SB 680 No NA NA
Taking of Bears HB 87 No Yes No
Protection of Historical Monuments HB 395 No NA NA
Termination of Pregnancies HB 111 Yes NA NA
Required Instruction in the History of African Americans SB 344 Yes NA NA
Expiration of the Mandatory Waiting Period for Firearms Purchases HB 17 No Yes No
Universal Free School Breakfast and Lunch Program HB 477 Yes NA NA
Workplace Heat Exposure Requirements HB 433 Yes Yes Yes
Election Board Composition SB 782 Yes NA NA
Civil Liability for the Wrongful Death of an Unborn Child HB 651 No NA NA
Gender Identity Employment Practices HB 599 No NA NA
Protecting the Right to an Abortion SB 1450 Yes NA NA
Access to Contraception SB 1446 Yes NA NA
Sheltering or Aiding Unmarried Minors SB 450 No NA NA
Antisemitism HB 187 Yes Yes Yes
Offenses Involving Children HB 305 Yes Yes Yes
Retention of Sexual Offense Evidence SB 764 Yes Yes Yes
Hot Car Death Prevention HB 591 Yes Yes Yes
Artificial Intelligence Use in Political Advertising HB 919 Yes Yes Yes
Defamation SB 1086 Yes NA NA
Postsecondary Education Students HB 465 No NA NA
Emergency Refills of Insulin HB 201 Yes Yes Yes
Excusal from Jury Service HB 461 Yes Yes Yes
DNA Samples from Inmates SB 524 Yes NA NA
Swimming Lesson Voucher Program SB 544 Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Use for Minors HB 1 No Yes No
Online Access to Materials Harmful to Minors HB 3 Yes Yes Yes
Medical Negligence SB 248 Yes NA NA
International Drug Reference Pricing HB 1431 Yes NA NA
Autism Spectrum Disorder Training for Law Enforcement Officers SB 864 Yes NA NA
Everglades Protection Area SB 1364 No NA NA
Community Associations HB 1021 Yes Yes Yes
Guardianship HB 887 Yes NA NA
Florida Kratom Consumer Protection Act SB 842 Yes NA NA
Discharging a Firearm in Residential Areas SB 270 Yes NA NA
Prostitution and Related Acts SB 1590 No NA NA
Unauthorized Public Camping and Public Sleeping HB 1365 No Yes No
Display of Flags by Governmental Entities SB 1120 No NA NA
Tracking Devices and Applications SB 758 Yes Yes Yes
Mangrove Replanting and Restoration HB 1581 Yes Yes Yes
Complaints Against Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers HB 601 No Yes No
Elections HB 1035 Yes NA NA
Insurance Solutions Advisory Council HB 1205 Yes NA NA
Military Leave SB 818 Yes Yes Yes
Placement of Surrendered Newborn Infants SB 306 Yes NA NA
Live Performances SB 1206 Yes NA NA
Florida Red Tide Mitigation and Technology Development Initiative HB 1565 Yes Yes Yes
Harassment of Election Workers SB 562 Yes NA NA
Term Limits SB 438 Yes NA NA
Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network HB 1679 Yes NA NA
Home Health Care Services HB 935 Yes Yes Yes
Transportation Services for Persons with Disabilities HB 1673 Yes NA NA
Food and Hemp Products SB 1698 Yes Yes Yes
Florida Seal of Fine Arts Program HB 523 Yes Yes Yes
Household Moving Services SB 304 Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Finance SB 1116 No Yes No
Offenses Involving Critical Infrastructure HB 275 Yes Yes Yes
Sovereign Immunity for Professional Firms HB 619 Yes Yes Yes
School Chaplains HB 931 No Yes No
Patriotic Organizations HB 1317 No Yes No
Purple Alert HB 937 Yes Yes Yes
Local Regulation of Nonconforming and Unsafe Structures SB 1526 No Yes No
Education HB 1285 No Yes No
Biological Sex HB 1639 No Yes No
History of Communism SB 1264 No Yes No
Affordable Housing SB 328 Yes Yes Yes
Provision Of Homeowners' Association Rules and Covenants HB 59 Yes Yes Yes
Windstorm Coverage by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation HB 1213 Yes NA NA
Juvenile Justice HB 1425 Yes Yes Yes
Pregnancy and Parenting Resources Website HB 415 No Yes No
Energy Resources HB 1645 Yes Yes Yes
Government Accountability HB 735 Yes NA NA
Building Regulations HB 267 Yes Yes Yes
Restrictions on Firearms and Ammunition During Emergencies HB 1615 No Yes No
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation HB 1503 No Yes No
Public Works Projects HB 705 No Yes No

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